Optimize the flow of information on mobile devices via SMS and Push notifications.


Mobile channels can be used for a variety of information purposes. Whether at work or in your free time, automated short messages like SMS are the perfect means of communication to keep customers, employees and partners up-to-date with the latest info.

The flood of everyday content via various mediums forces us to consume information selectively. The open rate of text messages on everyday smartphones, however, is many times higher. The tried and tested SMS channel is increasingly being used for important information services, as it is the only one that is available on all mobile devices worldwide.

Gain the information advantage by sending short messages on mobile channels.



SMS messages are easy to use for all age groups and have the highest delivery and open rates.

Therefore, SMS is best suited for important information and messages that the recipient should not miss.

Wichtige SMS-Miteilungen der Gemeinde

Messaging apps are mostly used for building and maintaining personal relationships, like with friends and family.

Companies that want to strengthen relationships with customers and announce product news should also rely on this form of communication.


ssenger Kommunikation Neuigkeiten

Keep the Swiss laws and EU's GDPR in mind. Before users are contacted via mobile number, they must give consent in the form of an opt-in.

With running appealing marketing campaigns, prize competitions and promo discounts, you can win new mobile numbers that you can contact for marketing or information purposes.

Customers and employees can be promptly informed about the latest news through App Push messages.

Personalized Push messages from apps can be sent to notify recipients, which ensures that the flow of information is always maintained.

Push-Nachrichten Mitarbeiter-App


The automated flow of information saves personnel expenses and ensures smooth communication.

Expand your existing applications and IT systems by integrating short messages sent via SMS, WhatsApp, Viber, or App Push.

Automatisierte Infodienste per API Integration

French President Emmanuel Macron has opted for SMS to inform his population of the Covid-19 security measures.

People want to be able to access information such as program progress, weather or traffic reports at any time.

Virtual SMS numbers and messaging chatbots can easily process such queries and provide the information immediately.

Two-Way Infodienste

Our messaging gateway enables you to send and receive text and audio short messages worldwide.

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