Reaching your target audience is reliable and simple with SMS messaging.


Info Services & Alarming

System notifications such as order status, reminders, transactions, service changes, and delivery information.

2-factor authentication

Two-factor SMS authentication is a user-friendly and secure method of authentication and authorization.

Marketing Campaigns

Mass sending of advertising messages, promo codes, discounts and personal vouchers with Bulk SMS marketing campaigns.

Expand your CRM, ERP and other systems by integrating our messaging platform including SMS and offer your audiences a new high-quality service.

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2-way SMS is ideal for performing simple prize games and gaining valuable customer insights.

Conduct instant surveys and encourage your customers to visit you again with creative SMS campaigns.

Two-Way SMS-Kampagne

With 2-way SMS, routine processes can be simplified, accelerated and automated.

This allows your customers to make appointment registrations, change parcel delivery details, or confirm bookings.

SMS Paketzustellung

Let the arguments speak for SMS

  • Cost effective

    The more you send - the less you spend (per user). Also, ROI is higher than with any other type of marketing messaging.

  • High readability

    Did you know? 97% of SMS message get seen within 3 minutes - make sure your customers see your message!

  • Wide reach

    There are 15 billion mobile phones in the world - reach your customers anytime, as SMS doesn't require online access.

  • Immediate delivery

    Have your messages reach your customers promptly and when planned - it takes 7 seconds for an SMS to reach a recipient.

  • Personalization

    Let NTH help your business send personalized texts to your customers - quickly, hassle free and affordably

  • Real-time testing

    Check on your campaign with the help of our technology - make sure evertyhing's working as planned and get statistics on your campaigns!


The best SMS prices in Switzerland and worldwide

Thanks to high volume and direct connection to more than 50 mobile operators, we offer the best SMS prices in Switzerland and worldwide.

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Our team has been working on SMS and messaging solutions for more than 20 years


Keep your contact lists clean by automatically sorting out inactive and unused numbers.

Optimize messaging costs and increase delivery rates.

Our Number Lookup Service validates your numbers with mobile providers worldwide and checks whether they exist, if they are active and reachable.

With a contact database that is always up-to-date, you can reduce SMS costs and reach your customers and audiences more precisely.

Mobile Number Cleanup


Guaranteed global coverage

Thanks to many direct connections and intelligent routing, worldwide delivery is granted.

Carefree Message Delivery

Our SMS gateway is optimized for all country and character-specific procedures.

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Tracking delivery results

Follow the real-time insights for your SMS messages in the dashboard.

Connect with us and reach billions of users worldwide.

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