Increase website traffic and grow subscriber base with Web Push notifications.


High click rate

Increase website visits with web push - the opening rate is many times higher than with e-mail newsletters.


Users don’t have to give you an app ID or their mobile phone number. An opt-in in the browser is enough for you to reach your customers.


Web push notifications can be sent automatically in case of special user actions or be IP location triggered.

Extend your CRM, ERP and other systems by integrating them with our messaging platform including Web push and offer your target groups a new high-quality service.


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Create attractive landing pages for special products, promotions and campaigns. This way, you can also generate web push subscribers independently of your website and carry out targeted remarketing.


Web-Push Opt-in 1

The visitors are asked to give permission for receiving web push notifications on your website.

Web-Push senden 2

The user can receive push notifications from you on his mobile device or on the desktop.

Web-Push Traffic 3

By clicking on the notification, the user lands on the desired page on your website.


Reach your target groups at the right time in the right place with a personalized message, be it in the browser via web push, in the popular messaging apps or with a conventional SMS.

Use the behavior of your users to address them specifically. The actions and information that users leave on your website are particularly suitable for subsequently triggering context-related call-to-actions. Optimize the conversion rate of your website visits by creating automated, multimedia and interactive follow-ups and campaigns.

Let’s find out how your company can benefit from Web push.

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