Start using Telegram Business and get customers in new markets.


Business bots

Channels and bots enable Telegram company profile followers to be addressed automatically and personally.


Telegram Business offers the most secure texting between recipients.


Telegram is a simple messenger for exchanging text messages, photos, videos and documents.

Expand your CRM, ERP and other systems by integrating them with our messaging platform including Telegram and offer your target groups a new high-quality service.


I'm a developer and I'm interested in the interface documentation. See API


Telegram enables design of interactive features such as user-friendly surveys.

Extend your marketing campaigns to Telegram with graphically appealing customer dialogs.

Telegram Chat Umfragen

The Telgram Bot API enables recipients to be automatically contacted by system events or people.

Create a Chatbot for your company and communicate with your Telegram followers.

Telegram Bot API

Telegram Messenger key facts

  • Approx. 400 million users worldwide
  • Annual growth of 50% new users
  • Company profiles can be found in the Discover area
  • Top three messaging apps in Russia, Spain and Brazil
  • Simple process of newsletter subscribing and unsubscribing
  • Popular with tech companies and startups

Automated 2-way communication and support for your customers and followers.

With replies, you can respond to needs and offer trustworthy personal support.

Two-Way Telegram Messaging


Guaranteed global coverage

Thanks to many direct connections and intelligent routing, worldwide delivery is guaranteed.

Carefree messaging

Our message gateway is optimized for all country and character-specific requirements.

Delivery results tracking

Automatic control in the dashboard, with the message preview.

We help you to get in touch through the everyday channels of your target groups.

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