Reach 1.5 billion users worldwide via WhatsApp Business API.



Increase your presence with the WhatsApp company profile including your logo, brand name and other useful information.

Customer dialogue

User-friendly 2-way communication between companies and customers - with their preferred app.


Share and receive images, videos, voice messages, documents, locations, contacts and much more.

Expand your CRM, ERP and other systems by integrating them with our messaging platform including WhatsApp and offer your target groups a new high-quality service.

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With a WhatsApp company profile, brands from all over the world can build a personal bond with their customers.

From the first contact to support request, customers prefer to use messaging communication via WhatsApp.

WhatsApp Unternehmensprofil

Connecting to the WhatsApp Business API enables you to offer a variety of services through rich in-app messaging.


User friendly and feature rich

WhatsApp's chat interface offers a variety of novel interactions such as rich media, document delivery, seamless use of text and voice, message branding, URL previews and much more.

WhatsApp Medien Funktion

Live location services

By allowing your customers to share the integrated WhatsApp location, you can trigger location-specific services, such as directing the next taxi driver to the customer.

WhatsApp Ortungsfunktion

Your customers' preferred messaging platform.

Email and SMS have long been the channels companies use to maintain customer contact. Connect with your customers where they are today.

  • 90% of users text once a day or more.
  • 95% of messages are read within 3 minutes.

Security and trust

With WhatsApp Business API you can communicate securely with your customers. All messages are encrypted and transmitted from your application to the customer via WhatsApp Business API.

WhatsApp Sicherheit

Deliverability and fall-back

Find out whether your message has been received and read. If the recipient does not receive the message via WhatsApp, the message will be sent automatically via SMS, App Push or Email.

WhatsApp Fallback to SMS


Billing each message individually is a thing of the past, WhatsApp offers new messaging pricing models.

Fixed monthly message quota or one-time session-based costs – after the first contact you can communicate with the customer 24 hours a day free of charge.

WhatsApp Business Kosten


1.5 billion users

Two thirds of the 1.5 billion users are daily users.

180+ countries

WhatsApp is actively used in more than 180 countries around the world.

60 languages

With 60 languages different cultures are united in one platform.

Connect with us and we will give you access to billions of users worldwide.

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